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Tim's Team

Tim acts as the leader of Visionary’s Executive Team

“What makes an organization great are its people. Visionary is extremely fortunate to have a group of incredible professionals guide and execute the business plan Tim Hammett and Brett Gilliland have designed. Tim meets with the Executive Team members each week to support their "Brilliance". Tim believes all people have an innate brilliance that can be uncovered which allows them to work from a position of confidence and empowerment."


We have faith in God to guide us and give us courage. We believe that with faith, all things are possible, though not always easy to achieve. We have faith in each other and will always maintain a culture that is supportive and desiring of success for each other.


Integrity The firm will act with the highest degree of integrity in all that we do. We will maintain a culture that expects and honors good morals, honesty, trust and uncompromising ethics.


Excellence We will exceed expectations in all that we do. We will be continuous students of our industry to stay on the cutting edge of financial solutions and technology. We will provide relentless service to our clients, always putting their needs first.


We will proactively seek to grow in all areas – personally, professionally and spiritually as individuals and as a firm. We will embrace change and serve as leaders to our clients and the community.


Our firm will actively engage in philanthropy. We recognize that we are blessed in many ways and will give generously of our time, talent and treasure for the good of the communities we serve.

Crystal Zeller Photo

Crystal Zeller

Director of Client Services for Tim Hammett
Natasha Kunkel Photo

Natasha Kunkel

Client Services Associate