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Tim's Community Outreach

Casting for Hope

Casting for Hope

In 2018 Tim went on a mission trip to Uganda, Africa. During his time there he fell in love with the children of Uganda. The children's hearts were filled with joy and optimism! They had a passion for education and a desire to achieve a better life. Upon returning home, Tim and his wife, Ami, decided to establish a non-for-profit charity to support the children of Uganda. A key tenet of their charity is help others who want to help themselves.

Casting for Hope is a 501c3 nonprofit organization established in 2018 by Tim and Ami Hammett, committed to helping financially challenged children and young adults of Uganda receive a University level education.

Alzheimer's Association

Alzheimer’s Association

Tim was deeply impacted when his father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the age of 65. Seeing the effects this disease had on his parents, he feels strongly about supporting the mission of the Alzheimer’s Association.

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Life Teem

Life Teen

Tim and his wife Ami have been involved with Life Teen for over 20 years and participate annually in the national Life Teen conference. It was through this organization that Tim and Ami became aware of the tremendous need by the teens and young adults in Uganda that later provided the inspiration for Tim and Ami to launch the Casting for Hope Charitable Foundation in 2018.

Crohn's & Colitis Foundation

Chrohn’s & Colitis Foundation

The mission of the Crohn's Colitis Foundation is very personal to Tim and his family. In 2015 Tim's son, Drew, was diagnosed with severe Ulcerative Colitis which had a dramatic impact on Drew's life. Tim and his family are committed to advancing the technology and research to cure these types of debilitating diseases.

The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation is a non-profit, volunteer-fueled organization dedicated to finding cures for Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis and improving the quality of life of children and adults affected by these diseases. Tim and his wife, Ami, have been actively involved with this charity since 2015.