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Tim Hammett, CFP®, AEP

Founder & President

We work to give you your own game plan that involves building your own play book.

Tim believes in three core principles:


Trust is a gift that is given. When people build a relationship based on vulnerability and truthfulness, trust will grow.


Respect is something earned over time. When a person consistently acts with integrity, one might earn the privilege of respect.


Humility calls a person to put their ego aside and serve another. Being fully present to focus on the other person’s needs.

Purpose/vision statement

Tim focuses on listening first and foremost. He values what is most important to each and every client. And to help them fulfill their future goals and dreams, it is important that he understand the values of his clients to help them live their best lives.

Tim’s Vision

Hear from Tim why he started Visionary Wealth Advisors and why he strives to make a difference in the lives of others.

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